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At a rate of 1.2-1.5 per mille of alcohol, driving the car becomes impossible, many people have difficulty even with the ignition lock or maneuvering on the parking lot.If you ask the driver why it is dangerous to drive the car being drunk, most likely response will be the following: alcohol dissipates attention, decreases memory, increases the response time, disturbed coordination of movements, willed regulation.So it shows us that people were not scared for their or passengers’ lives, they were worrying about fines.

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The toll drunk driving has taken on human life and health can, on its own, make alcohol abuse one of the most serious social problems in the United States. economy prospered and while the development of the highway network was underway, alcohol abuse as well as traffic safety became a serious issue in America. Drunk drivers themselves comprise a large proportion of those who are killed, often in single-car collisions.

The extent and consequences of drunk driving underline the challenges of harmonizing a drinking culture with a modern industrial society. The Highway Safety Act of 1966 played a crucial role in mobilizing attention and resources against drunk driving.

All this is reflected in the fact that a driver can be easily blinded by random distant light of oncoming traffic, he starts worse adapted to the sudden darkness after well-lit areas and vice versa, does not notice the dangerous points on the road and is slow to respond to the maneuvers of other drivers on the road.

At a dose of 0.8-1.2 (4-5 beers, a bottle of wine or champagne, 10 glasses of vodka) all of these negative processes in the brain of the driver are increasing.

Prohibitionists used the danger created by mixing alcohol and driving as a key point in their argument in favor of the 18th Amendment, as a result of which the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol in the United States was banned between 19. Most drunk-driving episodes do not lead to a crash or injuries, but drunk drivers have caused serious personal injury and property damage.

Drunk driving has been shown to be one of the most costly social consequence of alcohol abuse. By 2010, estimates of the number of traffic fatalities that can be attributed to drunk driving vary, with some claiming they account for approximately 30 percent of the approximately 45,000 annual traffic fatalities in the United States, while other estimates point to 50 percent.

Eventually, the drinking age in each state was raised accordingly.

However, in spite of an increase in arrests and tens of thousands of referrals to drunk-driver schools and rehabilitation programs, it could not be confirmed that the programs had achieved a significant decrease in drunk driving, which resulted in the termination of the A. State highway funds were linked to the states' passage of specified measures against drunk driving, including a minimum drinking age of 21.

The factors, that evidence of physiological changes that can impair the central regulation of the body will be listed.

It is believed that if a healthy young driver drank a glass of vodka, then these quality are really much lower.


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