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Man is in the habit of portraying himself in his writing.This portrait of man is most impressive in capitals and the first letter of a word.

Man is in the habit of portraying himself in his writing.

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Click here to open the full PDF article President Obama’s handwriting and huge signature are eye­ catching.

Graphologically speaking, this reflects a tremendous desire to be the center of attention.

Thus, the ability of the brain to influence the writing hand is reversible....

Click here to open the full PDF article “Handwriting is brain­ writing.” Graphologists explain that the brain is the director of our physical as well as our mental activity.

The first letter shows us the writer's "front," the way he looks at us and wants to be looked at, his intentions and also his pretensions.

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The last letter betrays the decision the writer has arrived at, his final standpoint, the result of his "labor."...The rightward extensions at the end of his first and last names (A1, A2) are like a self­ portrait showing that there is more to him than just a name...Click here to open the full PDF article To the graphologist, the two most important letters for analysis are the small t and the letter i.Click here to open the full PDF article What is abuse?Any behavior, which provokes fear of violence or isolation, emotional stress or mental anguish.There the writer exhibits himself with gusto and, at least unconsciously, with the idea and hope of impressing us.Let's delve into the significance of the first and last letters of written words.Were it to veer to the left, it would point toward the past.However, this same word - for example, the word 'height' also reaches into upper and lower dimensions.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Several graphologists theorized, if you can study someone's handwriting and deduce ideas about his character, why can't you reverse the process?


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