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Unfortunately, Jacob was not a successful businessman and the Freuds were forced to live in a shabby, one-room apartment for several years.Young Freud began school at the age of nine and quickly rose to the head of the class.

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He sang the praises of the drug, which he administered to himself as a cure for headaches and anxiety.

Freud shelved the study after numerous cases of addiction were reported by those using the drug medicinally.

The two were immediately attracted to one another and became engaged within months of meeting.

The engagement lasted four years, as Freud (still living in his parents' home) worked to make enough money to be able to marry and support Martha.

The younger children had to maintain quiet in the house so that "Sigi" (as his mother called him) could concentrate on his studies. Early in his college years, Freud decided to pursue medicine, although he didn't envision himself caring for patients in a traditional sense.

He was fascinated by bacteriology, the new branch of science whose focus was the study of organisms and the diseases they caused.

Freud was also among the first to recognize the significance of emotional events that occur in childhood.

Sigismund Freud (later know as Sigmund) was born on May 6, 1856, in the town of Frieberg in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (present-day Czech Republic).

He became a voracious reader and mastered several languages.

Freud began to record his dreams in a notebook as an adolescent, displaying a fascination for what would later become a key element of his theories.


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