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At the Telethon Kids Institute, I am the inaugural Director of a new clinical-research centre called Clini Kids ( ).

Clini Kids is a nationally unique clinical model that integrates research projects within clinical practice for children with developmental disorders and provides a state-wide training hub for evidence-based clinical programs.

NERC Independent Research Fellowship (2013-2018)My Fellowship research focused on understanding the impact of 3D variations in Earth structure on GIA across Antarctica.

This work has led to advances in our ability to quantify present-day rates of ice loss across Antarctica.

Previous areas of interest include North America, Scandinavia and Siberia, but my current research primarily focuses on Antarctica.

My expertise lies in running a suite of numerical models that reflect ice dynamics, spatially-variable sea-level change, and deformation of the heterogeoenous Earth.Over 1200 organisations and people from across Australia provided direct input into the Guideline.The final Guideline included more than 1,000 pages of research evidence, was peer-reviewed by 7 international experts, and was formally endorsed by the NHMRC Council.Residents will have access to the Rakow Research Library, The Corning Museum of Glass, and the Museum’s staff experts.The residency manager will facilitate meetings with Museum experts and other resources. Aust., Head, Autism Research Team, Telethon Kids Institute, Director, Clini Kids, Telethon Kids Institute, Program Head, Disability, Telethon Kids Institute, Chief Research Officer, Autism CRCI did my BSc (Hons) in Speech Pathology at Curtin University, and Ph D (2006) in psychology at the University of Western Australia.I have previously held fellowships at The University of Oxford (Scott Family JRF, University College) and several NHMRC Fellowships at the Telethon Kids Institute.Contact Dr Pippa Whitehouse (email at [email protected]) Summary My research focuses on understanding glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA); the response of the Earth system to changes in ice and ocean loading during a glacial cycle.I investigate how this process can be used to understand changes in sea-level, solid earth deformation, and the volume of the global ice sheets during the last glacial cycle, and in the present day.I spearheaded the two-year, novel research program that generated a new Clinical Guideline for the assessment and diagnosis of autism.The clinical practice recommendations contained in the Guideline were based on a series of systematic reviews, face-to-face workshops in each capital city of Australia, targeted community consultation and an open feedback process.


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