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If you’ve already developed a fully featured research code, released it under an OSI-approved license, and written good documentation and tests, then we expect that it should take perhaps an hour or two to prepare and submit your paper to JOSS.But please read these instructions carefully for a streamlined submission. This definition includes software that: solves complex modeling problems in a scientific context (physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, social science, neuroscience, engineering); supports the functioning of research instruments or the execution of research experiments; extracts knowledge from large data sets; offers a mathematical library, or similar.``Gala`` also relies heavily on and interfaces well with the implementations of physical units and astronomical coordinate systems in the ``Astropy`` package [@astropy] (``astropy.units`` and ``astropy.coordinates``).

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Python enables wrapping low-level languages (e.g., C) for speed without losing flexibility or ease-of-use in the user-interface.

The API for ``Gala`` was designed to provide a class-based and user-friendly interface to fast (C or Cython-optimized) implementations of common operations such as gravitational potential and force evaluation, orbit integration, dynamical transformations, and chaos indicators for nonlinear dynamics.

And did we mention that Docear is free, open source, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, not evil (open data formats such as Bib Te X and XML, no registration required, no lock-in), and offers PDF metadata retrieval, free online-backup of your mind-maps, a monitoring function for new files (PDFs, images, etc.), a free MS-Word add-on, …?

Look at the feedback that we received during the past years, it’s highly positive.

# Mathematics Single dollars ($) are required for inline mathematics e.g.

$f(x) = e^$ Double dollars make self-standing equations: $$\Theta(x) = \left\{\begin 0\textrm x "(Author1 et al., 2001; Author2 et al., 2002)" # Figures Figures can be included like this: !Take a look at the review checklist and review criteria to better understand how your submission will be reviewed.--- title: ' Gala: A Python package for galactic dynamics' tags: - Python - astronomy - dynamics - galactic dynamics - milky way authors: - name: Adrian M.In addition, bibliographic data for the selected annotation is displayed.The next screenshot shows the draft of a new paper including some examples for La Te X formulas, notes, formatted text, etc.Feel free to read more testimonials, and after you have used Docear for a while, write your own testimonial (and yes, we also publish critical opinions).The screenshot shows PDFs and annotations being sorted into the research categories a user created.It has already been used in a number of scientific publications [@Pearson:2017] and has also been used in graduate courses on Galactic dynamics to, e.g., provide interactive visualizations of textbook material [@Binney:2008].The combination of speed, design, and support for Astropy functionality in ``Gala`` will enable exciting scientific explorations of forthcoming data releases from the *Gaia* mission [@gaia] by students and experts alike.Docear’s menu is hidden to maximize the space for your work.We wrote a comprehensive Blog post that compared Docear with Mendeley and Zotero and that should help you to decide which reference manager is best for you. If you are interested in more details, read the full article.


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