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He has been pre-eminent among those who have introduced science to the scholars and scholarship to the scientists.

He has been pre-eminent among those who have introduced science to the scholars and scholarship to the scientists.

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The main part of each of these Essays has been printed at various times during the last ten years.

Some of them are now accessible only with difficulty.

Anything that may throw light upon it is worthy of consideration.

The only adequate historical record that we have of the rationalization of thought, affecting an entire civilization, is to be found in the documents which display the passage of the medieval into the modern way of thinking.

, even though scientists would articulate the notion differently from Donald Rumsfeld.

Science Essays

The methodology of science is to investigate the known unknowns, striving to reduce uncertainty, but occasionally the unexpected happens and the scientist enters the realm of unknown unknowns.It is time for the stakeholders in science publishing to seek new, systemic approaches that comprehensively address the fundamental flaws.The outlines of an action plan for the scientific community to generate such a process are suggested. Hames Researchers cherry-picking results to fit their hypotheses, altering images inappropriately to create cleaner and more convincing data, plagiarizing other researchers’ papers and ideas – these are quite common stories nowadays (as even a quick look at the Timothy Clark What is the role of calculations, modeling and simulation in chemistry and biology?Materially, we are better off than any human generation has ever been, and the luxuries of earlier years have become our necessities. By our modern standards of convenience and comfort, the kings who reigned in the Middle Ages were underprivileged, and yet, in spite of its gifts, we are not entirely happy . Since they are scattered through various publications and since they represent, in fact, the continuous development of a single line of thought, it has seemed advisable to collect them together.All the Essays except the first are considerably modified from the form in which they originally appeared.It is like an invisible power which affects every person’s life.The importance of politics can scarcely be exaggerated.And no one can give us this knowledge quite so well as the author of the essays in this small book.Ever since the first world war, George Sarton has been a distinguished leader in the discipline known as the history of science.


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