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If we color code Bloom's taxonomy levels and add a layer at the bottom for opinion, and to simplify critical thinking use green for the grouping of analysis, synthesis and evaluation, and yellow for knowledge, understanding and application, and red for unsupported opinion, we might see: So for grouping convenience the yellow levels are called level I Bloom and the green levels, Level II.Then it is an easy matter to go through each piece of academic writing and color code each sentence.

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I could have added all the files from the thread as a zip file, or I could have chosen to add just one file.

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One application of informatics in nursing education relates to identifying critical thinking in academic writing, both through its presence and intensity.

Critical thinking subsumes at least analysis, evaluation and synthesis (Bloom's taxonomy) and so for any given piece of academic writing to display evidence of critical thinking, there should be palpable evidence of these higher order thinking levels.

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Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 19(3).

Extracting Meaning in Support of Critical Thinking and Writing.

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