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[And, more sulfur–see other blog posts on sulfur deficiency.] DRUGS DEPLETE MAGNESIUM, says Dean–based on Seelig’s laboratory work with drugs and her own work since working with Seelig.

(Seelig tried to tell her drug company bosses that their drugs were depleting magnesium in bodies, but they “weren’t interested.”) Dean details the following situation: you are stressed when you see your doctor, so your BP might be high at that moment.

acronym, but also a lot that she covered about each item and about the thyroid. The brilliant Sherry Rogers, MD shared ideas to become and/or stay healthy in 2018.

deficiencies, K = Knowledge gaps Health, energy, mood, brain power, etc. My course covers how to fix those common complaints, but also the hidden problems. (Just noticed the pun.) The videos are professionally done and are available as DVD’s as well as online.

With commercial farming, soil depletion is increasingly a problem.

The magnesium food list is seaweeds, leafy dark green vegetables like chard and kale, legumes, green beans, almonds, cashews, filberts, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.

Most of you are probably already Sherry Rogers fans.

In addition to taking your calls, I asked her about thyroid nodules.

In addition, she worked with magnesium expert Mildred Seelig, MD.

Disclaimer: Since posting this review, with the help of Ph D nutritionist Judith Valentine, I did more research on Carolyn Dean.


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