Short Story Writing Assignment

Magical realism is not the same as fantasy or science fiction.

Check out this very good web site on magical realism, and look up some stories by Alberto Rios (his book c) a story with no plot, or virtually no plot, at all.

By plotting out the major occurrences of your narrative, you’ll avoid the mistakes that many fledgling writers make when they write elaborate beginnings and abrupt, dissatisfactory endings. “Flocabulary- Five Things (Elements of a Short Story).” You Tube video, .

Click the link to open and download the graphic organizer. When you are finished using the graphic organizer, you will have completed the lesson.

The elements of plot, conflict, character, setting, and theme distinguish short stories from other types of writing such as character sketches, incidents, personal histories, or anecdotes.

First listen to this rhapsodic overview of the five key elements in a short story.

Graphic Organizer Instructions You might consider submitting your story for publication.

Click here to access a list of sites that accept student work for publication.

Someone that we just don't really "see." The following project is not intended to encourage writing by formula, but to maybe help you recognize stock literary patterns in the marketplace, as well as your own tendencies toward standardized writing.

This type of fiction can also be fun, and a number of "serious" writers throughout the years (William Faulkner, Dorothy Sayers, Thomas Mc Grath) have played with it a bit.


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