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I open the deteriorating book that I have borrowed from my teacher.

Okay, I say to myself, this is no problem, you got this.

You’ve been playing this piece for years, bringing it back for your senior year was a great choice, you’ll perform it flawlessly. “Now she will play Prelude in E minor by Chopin.” This one’s simple enough but, that tempo and those dynamics! Playing a piece that is so slow and piano is like standing naked in the middle of the high school cafeteria.

The fast tempo of the piece enables me to keep moving without stopping to think and overanalyze what I’m doing. Everything is all open and out there, for everyone to see.

Please send enrollment materials to claim your winnings.

Should the Hunger Games be instated during my attendance, I believe myself well equipped to defend your university’s district.

#Admit Me #Essay In140 My name is Rahim Johnson, and I will be calling you hourly to confirm that my application materials are in order.

As a Jedi, I strongly suggest that this is the application you are looking for (hand wave hand wave hand wave.) Congratulations, You have won a brand new college student!

I don’t like staring out at all those waiting faces.

No matter how much I tell myself they aren’t, I feel them judging, ready to leap up, point, and laugh at the tiniest mistake I make.


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