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In mathematics the forms of different modes are determined by their definitions.Similarly, the qualities of natural objects are determined by their nature.

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In other words, the mind’s intellectual love of God is part of that infinite love by which man’s mind becomes divine in its intellectual love of God, and intellectual love becomes divine.This is what Spinoza means by intellectual love of God.Further on he writes that the intellectual love of God which arises from the third form of knowledge is permanent in this manner the intellectual love of God is also without any beginning.It should be remembered that Spinoza that the free individual is one who is directed solely by reason.2.Had man been born free then he would not have conceived of goodness or its absence so long as he retained his freedom.3.He never come the soul he enjoys the fruits of his mental perfection.Spinoza was aware of the to an end after divine Jove for God and for that reason he has written at the end difficulty even if the path that I have shown leading to the ultimate is very of his discovered.God, according to Spinoza, is indifferent towards externally generated emotions.He is not influenced either by pleasure or by pain.In the 37th proposition it is said that there is nothing in creation which conflicts with intellectual love or can do away with it Love for God is the inevitable outcome of the nature of man’s mind.Mind itself is a reality evolved out of nature of God. Obviously anything that contradicts this love contradicts the troth and is for that reason false, meaning that there is no such thing.


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