Teaching Essay Writing To College Students

Not only that, writing coaches are on hand to offer guidance, give tips on sentence structure, or provide resources to help learners improve their writing abilities.

Best of all, almost every college writing center provides support free of charge.

This all-in-one site provides information on both plagiarism and how to avoid it.

In addition to providing a citation guide, the website also features an “Ask the Experts” section for questions that may not have a clear answer.

Resources cover topics ranging from the basics of academic writing to proper punctuation and grammar.

Let’s say a student has what they consider to be the best idea ever for a research paper that’s just been assigned by one of their professors.

Although it may seem like a grey area at first, strict rules govern how and when an original source must be cited, no matter the style guide being used.

According to studies by Education Week and the Psychological Record, 54 percent of students have admitted to plagiarizing sources from the Internet, while 36 percent admit to plagiarizing written material.

Each year, the Common Application releases its list of essay prompts so students can begin thinking about how to craft thoughtful responses.

Tip Sheet: An Admissions Dean Offers Advice on Writing a College Essay The New York Times provides this interview via The Choice, a portion of their website devoted to helping students get into college and pay for it.


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