The Author To Her Book Anne Bradstreet Essay

That is why, any life challenges are perceived by the Puritans through the prism of their reliance on God.These ideals were also followed by Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson as the Puritans, and these principles were reflected in their works.

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century Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson reflect the main features of the Puritan writing because the authors discuss their personal experience concentrating on their spiritual growth and the role of God in their life.

Thus, Bradstreet emphasizes her experience as a writer in the poem “The Author to Her Book” and reflects on the life-long knowledge along with the role of religion in such works as “Upon the Burning of Our House” and “To My Dear Children”.

To be sure that an individual follows the right path, the Puritans should focus not only on the spiritual improvement but also on self-discipline and reflection.

In spite of the necessity to regulate their life according to strict norms of the Puritan doctrine, the Puritans are happy to receive God’s assistance and feel God’s blessing.

Bradstreet also speaks to her children, “If at any time you are chastened of God, take it as thankfully and Joyfully as in greatest mercyes, for if yee bee his yee shall reap the greatest benefitt by it” (Bradstreet “To My Dear Children” 104).

The author focuses on her religion as the way to live happily and always have a hope for the better life presented by God.

More close connection of the writer’s personal life and feelings with the role of God in the person’s development can be observed with references to the poem “Upon the Burning of Our House”.

Bradstreet depicts the tragic event in her life responding to the role of God in her coping with one more life challenge.

Despite the fact that the described event is the negative experience, Bradstreet’s poem is full of hope and faith.

Thus, the author refers to God’s assistance several times in her poem, stating that God made her stronger, “And to my God my heart did cry / To straighten me in my Distress / And not to leave me succourless” (Bradstreet “Upon the Burning of Our House” 101).


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