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Middle Ages The Black Death is the name for a terrible disease that spread throughout Europe from 1347 to 1350.There was no cure for the disease and it was highly contagious. The plague likely started in Asia and traveled westward along the Silk Road.

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There were so many dead that they couldn't bury them. Unfortunately, the people in the Middle Ages didn't know that the disease was carried by rats. People locked their doors and tried to hide in their houses.

This made larger cities and towns, which were very dirty during the Middle Ages, especially dangerous as there were lots of rats there. However, this did little good in cities where rats, and therefore fleas, were everywhere.

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Most of the cases occur in the Middle East, China, southern and eastern Africa, Brazil, and many parts of Asia.

Australia and New Zealand are free from the disease.People would get really sick including black and blue blotches all over their body.Rebuilding After the Black Death Much of the infrastructure of Europe was gone when the Black Death finally subsided.The epidemic of bubonic plague claimed almost one-fourth of Europe’s population at the same time. A typical infection of bubonic plague is signaled by uncontrolled shivering followed by vomiting and sleeplessness.The appearance of buboes in the armpits and the groin are giveaway symptoms. The lymph nodes start to swell because of the bacterial infection.The disease was carried by fleas that lived on rats.Historians think that black rats living on European merchant ships caught the disease, eventually bringing it to Europe. It's hard to imagine how scary life was in the Middle Ages during the Black Death.Or Prof could tell you in your bubonic plague research paper why it could not touch Australia and New Zealand.All research papers are written by native citizens so that you get the authentic information, and nothing else.It killed almost 30 per cent of the contemporary European population. It is a common occurrence to have rodents whenever there are earthquakes or other such calamities. A death essay customised to bubonic plague or any other deadly disease could explain the intricacies associated with bubonic plague.Your bubonic plague research paper could tell you how it was brought to Marseilles, France through a sea vessel in the year 1721.


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