The Catcher In The Rye Essay On Loss Of Innocence

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Sunny and her pimp, Maurice, demand more money and Holden gets punched in the stomach.

The next day, Holden gets drunk and sneaks into his family’s apartment.

When he hangs up her dress he thinks that 'the salesman probably just thought she was a regular girl" (Salinger 96).

This shows that innocence cannot be protected forever.

Holden uses alienation to protect himself from mockery and rejection, but his loneliness drives him to keep trying to connect. Holden continuously wishes for things to remain unchanged, and to be able to go back to better times—a time when Allie was alive.

Salinger employs naturalistic, slang-infused language to believably replicate the voice of a teenage boy, and injects the narration with "filler" words to lend it the same rhythm as the spoken word; the resulting effect is the sense that Holden is telling you this story.(Allie died of leukemia years prior.) Stradlater does not like the essay, and refuses to tell Holden whether he and his date had sex.Upset, Holden leaves campus and travels to New York City. He makes arrangements with the elevator operator to have a prostitute named Sunny visit his room, but when she arrives, he becomes uncomfortable and tells her that he just wants to talk to her.Holden strives to present himself as a cynical, smart, and worldly person. To Holden, phoniness is a symptom of adulthood; by contrast, he views the innocence of children as a sign of true goodness. Holden is isolated and alienated throughout the entire novel.His adventures are consistently focused on making some sort of human connection. For Holden, death is abstract; what Holden fears about death is the change that it brings.He talks to his younger sister, Phoebe, whom he loves and regards as innocent.He tells Phoebe that he has a fantasy of being the "catcher in the rye" who catches children when they fall off a cliff while playing. Antolini is patting his head; Holden becomes disturbed and leaves.Holden is also an unreliable narrator, telling the reader that he is "the most terrific liar you ever saw." As a result, the reader can’t necessarily trust Holden’s descriptions.and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century.There is one point in time between the changes from child to adult, the child loses its innocence. Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye Holden Caulfield portrays that innocence cannot be protected and is driven to insanity by the corruption that exist in society.In novel, Holden realizes that innocence cannot be protected forever. He learns that it is ones innocence cannot be held forever. During Holden's stay in New York he encounters many problems and people. Holden orders a prostitute but when she comes, he has second thoughts about her.


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