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Even I, one of candidate Sanders’ earliest and most insistent online radical left critics, would have had to vote for Bernie over Trump).

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You might picture him denouncing the “deep state” “intelligence community’s” meddling in U. ” Even mainstream liberal political scientists like Marin Gilens and Benjamin Page have demonstrated and acknowledged that the U.

S is now essentially a corporate-financial oligarchy in which the working-class majority’s policy preferences are largely irrelevant regardless of which party or what party configuration holds sway in Washington. None of this has happened because Bernie Sanders continues to insult the Eugene Debs poster that sits in his office by being a Democratic Party company man.

If it were to succeed in unseating Trump, moreover, it would set a dangerous new precedent of potent “intelligence community” (CIA) interference in domestic U. You might think that Bernie would have called bullshit on the establishment Dems’ whole preposterous Bear Ate Our Homework narrative.

You might fancy him saying something like this: “Look, it’s not like Gucifer, Wiki Keaks, and the Kremlin or whoever that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC rigged the primary election against me.

That really happened – and if it hadn’t, my fellow Americans, Donald Trump would not be your president today!

” You might imagine that Bernie would have used his big barrel-chested Brooklyn truck driver’s voice to denounce a failed xenophobic and neo-Mc Carthyite conspiracy ploy that distracts attention both from Trump’s real threats evils and from the Democrats’ responsibility for putting a dangerously unhinged right-wing uber-narcissist in the White House. You might visualize the anti-plutocratic Senator mockingly asking, “?!

“A company friend said, ‘I know how much you will miss him.’ And she [Phil’s wife] answered, ‘I already have.’” Because Phil was rarely at home and spent most of his time at the...

It was clear when he came out to Iowa City in December of 2014 to give a speech so focused on the terrible Republicans that a professor had to remind him that corporate and imperial Democrats are a problem too. It was evident when he failed to go for the jugular against “the lying neoliberal warmonger” (LNW) Hillary Clinton during the primary race.

It was manifest when he instructed his followers to line up behind the corrupt, two-faced, miserable, and arch-corporatist war hawk Hillary and her atrociously dull center-right running mate in the general election.

It is clear from Bernie’s recent agreement to go on an eight-state “unity tour” with Clinton Democrat Tom Perez, who defeated Sanders’ “progressive Democrat” ally Keith Ellison in the election for chairmanship of the DNC.


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