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When the time comes to pull them all together, I know where to find each of my arguments.

When the time comes to pull them all together, I know where to find each of my arguments.

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You have a ton of options to choose from in this arena.

Whatever system you decide to work with, whether it’s a simple add-on to Google Docs or a comprehensive PDF management system, make sure it integrates with your workflow.

Google Scholar can be a valuable resource for ID students because it searches across multiple disciplines and you are likely familiar with it's functionality.

However, it can also be very helpful for locating the full text of articles that you may have the title or full citation information.

If you chose Google Docs as your go-tool for your thesis you likely to belong to a generation who is online all time. That means setting up different folders and documents based on how your thesis will be organized.

But there are occasionally moments when you are cut off from the internet and want to work on your thesis. The way you do this can, and should, vary based on the needs of your project and the way that you like to write.And give yourself a solid week to turn the final product into one you’ll be proud of. Will it turn a satisfactory grade into an exemplary one? But will it be enough to push a “good” to a “very good”? But the platform has become increasingly sophisticated over the years, to the point that some now say it surpasses traditional desktop tools. Some particular ones to take note of include Auto La Te X for statistical equations and Thesaurus for when you’ve used the word “nuance” too many times.Paperpile also offers a free citation generator for Google Docs that makes it a breeze to find, cite, and style academic sources within your document.One thing Google Docs do is make a truly visually striking document.It suffers from the same limitations that all WYSIWYG editors do - it can’t be both easy to use and complicated to produce.If it’s a pain to enter data, you won’t do it, and you’ll be left with glaring gaps of information at the end of your project. One of the many benefits to using Google Docs to write a thesis is that you don’t have to constantly move between windows to get things done.Most of your research is done in-browser, and your writing belongs right next to it. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by the magic of the Internet.This is why you should make every effort to keep your digital workspace as tidy as your physical one. For starters, it means making an assessment of the apps and websites you regularly use to do your research, take notes, and write your thesis. Go into Chrome (or your preferred browser) and pin them.Pinning a tab keeps it open, neatly organized in the left of your browser window, and unclosable. A few years ago, Google Docs might have seemed like a poor-man’s Microsoft Word. The Google Docs add-on store is full of helpful apps for students, with more being added every day.


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