Thesis Papers On The Crucible

Thesis Papers On The Crucible-24
The Crucible is a movie that was written by Arthur Miller adapted from his play, which he authored in 1953, going by the same name.

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Miller himself said in a note about the historical accuracy of his play that the “play is not historic in the sense in which the word is used by academic historians” (Miller and Blakesley, xvii).

There are historical characters presented in this film. He also accepts that he never captured the whole of their characters and personalities.

They then called Reverend Hale to come and look into this issue.

The girls had to look for means of rescuing themselves from this problem and so Abigail indicated Tituba as a witch.

John defended his wife against the accusation, an issue that turned against him. Elizabeth survived execution of the sentence because she was pregnant.

Thesis Papers On The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s play and movie was a reflection of what used to happen in the United States of America.The committee sought Un-American activists and questioned them.Those who pleaded guilty were let free and those who refused to name others were persecuted. It was a situation where reason was not used in the judicial system and people were made to confess things out of fear.Tituba, after subjection to torment, confessed to be a witch.This made the girls to name other people whom they had seen practicing witchcraft.Before the ceremony climaxed, Reverend Parris (Bruce Davison), who was Abigail’s uncle, came across them.The ceremony came to an abrupt end and the girls started running away.5).” From this it is evident that Tituba (Charlayne Woodard), a black American Slave, was leading the ceremony.Abigail Williams, who wished for John Proctor’s wife to die, slaughtered a hen and drunk the blood.Even though the movie tried to be historically accurate, there are minor deviations from history.The characters he employed in presenting his message in the movie were not the real historical individuals and thus were prone to have some differences.


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