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This lesson is one of the most important themes in Toni Morison's novel, Beloved.

History was not only a significant theme in the novel, but the book was also very historical itself.

I had learned and educated myself very thoroughly Others are constantly clinging to it as Denver does.

Both methods prove to be emotionally unhealthy for the characters throughout the course of the book, and in the end they learn the best way to deal with this.

The manner in which the dead child is named is, in itself, an indication of the desperation and resignation that follows slavery.

When Sethe cannot afford the humiliation or the cost to have a full epithet engraved on the child’s headstone, she must settle for only one word - Beloved. Once her boys had left her and Baby Suggs had passed on, Sethe and her daughter were left alone to wage “a perfunctory battle against the outrageous behavior of the house, against turned-over slop jars and gusts of sour air.

Slave life; freed life-every day was a test and a trial.

Nothing could be counted on in a world where even when you were a solution you were a problem"1 The past is something that, without clinical illness, is impossible to forget.

"The future was sunset; the past something to leave behind.

And if it didn't stay behind, well, you might have to stomp it out.


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