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With customer service at the heart of the business, they had to make sure every single order was delivered on time. "We were using a courier company, but they just couldn't cope and it went into meltdown. It's more expensive, but it's unbelievably reliable." Anticipating demand and ordering the right stock is vital."We have lots of different suppliers, mainly in the UK, and we hold most of the stock ourselves, apart from the big ride-on tractors," explains Julia. There's a lot of flexibility and we can react to demand quickly." Running any ecommerce business calls for the right marketing mix.Sales are projected to rise from 9 thousand in 2000 to million in 2001 and .8 million in 2002.

"Business went well in our first year, and we doubled our turnover every year after that.

We had to move into a bigger warehouse, and I recruited staff to work with me." There are a few key reasons for that success, not least the quality of the products themselves.

Anyone starting a business during a recession is in for a rocky ride.

But with high quality products, clever marketing and top-notch customer service, Farm Toys Online has proved to be a successful enterprise for owner Julia Lowe Running any retail business calls for some serious multi-tasking.

The Break-even Analysis is a good financial indicator.

We show break-even with a sales level of about 5K per month, even assuming a fixed cost of 9 per month, which is high.

The site will market and sell selected toys, books, and software products.

It will also produce Web products and Web applications that will increase market share, promote name recognition, and maximize efficiency.

When it's an online operation, you also need to factor in deliveries - potentially one of the biggest headaches of all - as well as some serious marketing to bring people to your ecommerce website.

Julia Lowe started Farm Toys Online back in 2008, just as recession was looming.


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