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The second was a [hopefully informed] comment regarding one of their projects.Don't make uninformed comments on a faculty member's project (if they read it, they will know! #1: it is very common for a faculty member to (a) not update their websites for decades (don't we all love tenure?Furthermore, the prompt will be similar across schools.

The second was a [hopefully informed] comment regarding one of their projects.

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This will kill you in your tracks if Professor XX isn't taking students that year, etc.

What I did in my essays was to mention several faculty that I would like to work with, and added that I was open-minded with regards to working with others.

Since most people don't apply with (1) under their belts, the personal statement is second to letters of recommendation. After all, a very important part of being a graduate student, and scientist in general, is your ability to .

Writing a concise research statement is a relevant sample point in that space.

(2) is your chance to condense your research experience and present it in pros. First, your entire personal statement has to flow as a single essay.

Uc Berkeley Personal Statement Prompt Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On The Great Depression

Show how one experience led into the next, even if your second project wasn't "future work" from your first project (etc)." Without getting into why this is obviously a deep question, here are two questions to ask yourself that will help towards addressing it: 1a. The idea behind thinking in these terms is to sound like a scientist when it comes time to actually write. The outcome should be you being able to talk about your chosen field in somewhat broad terms, and pose some questions that you would like to address as a graduate student. As a grad student, your research will force you to push the boundaries on your own knowledge.What are some interesting problems that you see in your chosen field? You need to show the admissions committee that you are going to be proactive in growing intellectually.I applied to primarily CS programs (only Stanford was EE), specifically systems and architecture. Here is an example prompt from Stanford's graduate admissions site (as of Fall 2010): The statement of purpose should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the proposed program at Stanford, your preparation for this field of study, study and research interests, future career plans, and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study.The personal statement prompt doesn't change much across Ph. In the end, your essay will only improve through revisions.The following discussion will cover them in that order.(3) is important and comes down to "why do you want to go to grad school?Naturally, when you hand an essay over to a reader, they will take several days to get to reading what you wrote, commenting, getting back to you, etc.I addressed these bullet points in my essays in the following order: (3), (2), (1), and sprinkled (4) throughout.I am going to talk about the graduate school application process in phases and the first will be the personal statement (a.k.a."statement of purpose," "research statement," or "statement of objectives").


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