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If you’re not making money, you’re obviously not working hard enough. Red Flag #6: The consumer reports and reviews out there of by people burned by MA. https://market-america.pissedconsumer.com/Red Flag #7: The argument “would you rather be on the 45-year plan, or the 2-to-3 year plan? JR Ridinger loves to use this argument, that you spend 4 years of your life in college, putting yourself in debt for a degree, to work for 45 years for a boss you don’t care about in order to retire.

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I am not an ex-MLMer, but I have a friend who is in Market America, and then after I did a little research in it, I went down a little too far into the MLM rabbit hole, mainly wondering….”how can so many people be this delusional??

”I saw my friend occasionally post things with the hashtag “#shoppingannuity” and I saw her post photos of herself at some conference so I was curious.

Sometimes the presenter (JR Ridinger is even guilty of this) will contradict themselves in the same speech.

“It’s SOOOOOO easy guys, it’s a no brainer, any dummy can do this business” and then a few minutes later “You really need to work hard to succeed at this business, you can’t just sign up and expect to make money.” Okay, so which is it, easy or hard? Obviously, the “easy” comment is to entice new recruits, and the “hard” comment is to cover their butts when people start realizing they aren’t making any money.

The “shopping annuity” refers to the ability to “convert your spending into earning” because they are a product brokerage company, and offer cashback for products for hundreds of companies (like Walmart, Macy’s, Dunkin Donuts, etc). you could join MA and continue spending what you normally do, and earn cashback and commission on top of that. In June 2017, the startup fee to become a Market America distributor was reportedly $399 plus additional monthly payments of $129.

Market America representatives operate as independent contractors, but are required to spend between 0 and 0 on Market America products and attend seminars and training events that are estimated to cost between and 0 each. This is actually the reason I got so fascinated with MA in the first place, because his ranting, raving, sweating and spitting on stage just screams “cult leader”, and yet, they worship him like a rock star.At each conference he likes to include some flashy gimmick to “illustrate” the finer points of the business, like running on a hamster wheel or walking a tightrope with a wheelbarrow.Or like at the last conference, pretending to be dying (to make point about how short life is), having friends and family offer their condolences, then climbing into a coffin. In general, he just comes off as a shady guy or con artist.Technically the 2-3 year plan could take 10 years, 20 years, or 45 years. Red Flag #9: Their advertised A rating with the BBB.While this isn’t a red flag on its own, it is kind of suspicious when the president and CEO of the BBB shows up at the conference advertising the BBB and assuring people that MA is one of the most ethical and upstanding companies he’s ever seen.I could talk so much more about this but maybe I’ll save it for another time.tl;dr: Market America is no different than the other MLM companies.Their own marketing materials are full of deceptive tactics and contradictions if you are really paying attention.So why are there so many MAers who have been there for 3 years that aren’t making a livable income? ) “Those people haven’t really applied themselves to the business.” What about the people who really are working hard at it? It was much lower a couple years ago, and then management forced their employees to post positive reviews to boost their rating. After watching some of the conference videos I sort of got this feeling from a few of the execs, like they seem super nice on stage but behind the scenes treat people like trash.“Only the hours you spend working on the business count.” So what you’re saying is that your initial claim is misleading, because the 45 year figure is “gross time” and the 2-3 year figure is “cumulative time”, if that makes sense. Sometimes I wonder what their followers would think if they saw a video of their beloved idols screaming and cursing at their subordinates.The official stance from the highest MA execs seems to be that they are absolutely NOT an MLM and they seem to try to distance themselves from the term MLM (“we’re something new and totally different! ” I can just imagine the MA execs cringing as they hear that.Regardless of whether they can agree on it or not, they ARE without a doubt an MLM.


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