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Another teaches that even when an officer are pointing a gun at a suspect whose back is turned, the suspect can spin around and fire first.Yet another teaches that a knife-carrying suspect standing 20 feet away can run up to an officer and start stabbing before the officer can get their gun out of the holster.There are countless variations, but the lessons are the same: Hesitation can be fatal.

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Officers are not unique in that regard; implicit racial animus is depressingly common in society.And as they listen to the fallen officer’s last, desperate radio calls for help, every cop in the room is thinking exactly the same thing: “I won’t More pointed lessons come in the form of hands-on exercises.One common scenario teaches officers that a suspect leaning into a car can pull out a gun and shoot at officers before they can react.Use-of-force training should also emphasize de-escalation and flexible tactics in a way that minimizes the need to rely on force, particularly lethal force.Police agencies that have emphasized de-escalation over assertive policing, such as Richmond, California, have seen a substantial decrease in officer uses of force, including lethal force, without seeing an increase in officer fatalities (there is no data on assaults).It is no surprise that the federal Department of Justice reviews de-escalation training (or the lack thereof) when it investigates police agencies for civil rights violations.More comprehensive tactical training would also help prevent unnecessary uses of force.For example, three of the four stories mentioned on the cover of this month’s Officers’ actions are grounded in their expectations, and they are taught to expect the worst. Policing has risks—serious ones—that we cannot casually dismiss.The officers who shot John Crawford may have honestly believed that he was raising his rifle to a shooting position even though security camera footage shows him on the phone, casually swinging the BB gun back and forth. Over the last ten years, an annual average of 51 officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty according to data collected by the FBI.The same may be true of the Phoenix officer who shot an unarmed man because he thought, mistakenly, that the suspect had a gun in his waistband. In the same time period, an average of 57,000 officers were assaulted every year (though only about 25 percent of those assaults result in any physical injuries).But for all of its risks, policing is safer now than it has ever been.


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