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This is not to be confused with duotone or double-black printing.(1) In printing, a press problem that generally occurs when sheets make contact with the blanket twice, once just before the impression point and the second time at the impression point, resulting in a double image.Both virgin and recycled sheets have "dirt," although recycled paper has significantly higher dirt counts.

Chlorine and its compounds were commonly used to bleach fibers. Virgin fibers are generally ECF, meaning no elemental chlorine or TCF meaning the bleaching is done with hydrogen peroxide, oxygen or ozone.

Recycled fibers are generally PCF, meaning they were put back into the paper without the use of any chlorine or its compounds.

The operations that comprise collating, perforating, and folding the elements of a form into the finished product.

(2) That portion or edge of a book of forms which is bound.

Company which purchases paper from mill for resale to printers and end-users.

Usually a distributor has protected or franchised product lines and territories.Water, gum buffered acid, and various types of etches used to keep the non-image areas of the plate moist, and preventing them from accepting ink, in the lithographic printing process; also called fountain solution.(1) A plain roll situated above the wet web of the paper to provide a smoothing action to the top surface of the paper as it passes under the roll.Fiber before it is made into the finished product us referred to as pulp.Printing two or more colors without overlaying color dots (i.e. This differs from process color, which is a blending of four colors to produce a broad range of colors.On the wet end of the paper machine the straps or deckle rulers that prevent the fiber from overflowing the sides of the machine.The deckle determines how wide the paper on a particular machine will be.Refers to the feathered edge on paper produced when fibers flow against the deckle or edge of the web.Deliberately produced for aesthetic purposes, a deckle edge is found especially on formal stationery and announcements.At times, with certain papers, the feeder will feed two sheets instead of one, and when pressures are extreme or out of balance, the blanket may slip at the pressure point, resulting in a slur or double image.(2) In stamping, a double impression in which the second impression or "hit" does not register perfectly over the first one.


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