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Petrantonakis has been working on 88 Scott since 2014.It is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year.

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It takes him up to a half-hour to get up there, which is why he doesn’t go back down—not even to use the washroom (he uses a water bottle).

He works as long as 14 hours at a time (some crane operators have kettles and toaster ovens in their cabins).

In May, Cicero met George Petrantonakis, “the Wayne Gretzky of crane operators,” and asked if he could photograph him on the job to capture the city’s massive growth (in July, more than any other North American city).

This past summer, Cicero shadowed Petrantonakis during the construction of 88 Scott Street, a 58-storey condo in the Financial District.

Once, he was still sweating while enjoying an ice cream sundae in -30-degree weather.

Petrantonakis has worked on about 12 buildings, including some of the tallest skyscrapers in the city: Trump Tower, the Four Seasons, the Ritz-Carlton, RBC Centre and the Residences of Maple Leaf Square.“A full bucket is a deadweight and just goes straight up or down.” He also hauled up each of the building’s window panes; they weighed up to 2,000 pounds and took up to 15 minutes apiece. Petrantonakis and a mechanic climbed the outside of the moving crane in the storm to untangle some wires and cut a rope that was causing the spinning.Later, Petrantonakis ran into Ivanka Trump in the building’s freight elevator.The record is held by him for the most goals, assists, and overall points for both the regular season and the playoffs; he offers received over 20 trophies throughout his profession, and within his team(beds) brought house four Stanley Glass victories, and three Canadian Glass competition.When he was a tyke also, David was playing in leagues many years old after that him and he was still racking in the factors.“It is a significant part of the skyline now—a new player in the big buildings club,” Cicero says.“We are in the construction phase that New York was in back in the 1930s, when all their skyscrapers like the Rockefeller Center were being built.He has been hit by cars twice In July, when construction was mostly complete, builders installed this derrick on the condo’s roof and used it to deconstruct the crane.When that was done, a smaller derrick took down this derrick, at which point all the pieces were small enough to fit in the freight elevator.During construction of 88 Scott, Petrantonakis lifted 15 12,000-pound buckets of dirt 590 feet high for the condo’s rooftop garden. “The window will pick up wind so easily that the crane operator has to know how to ride the wind.” Sitting on the outside wall of the cabin, this anemometer measures wind speed.“An empty bucket is a lot more difficult to handle because it has no weight and the wind will toss it around like a balloon,” Cicero says. When it’s greater than 50 kilometres per hour, Petrantonakis isn’t allowed to operate a crane for safety reasons. In summer 2010, when Petrantonakis was working on the Trump Tower, a thunderstorm caused an electrical fire in the heart of the crane around midnight, and it began spinning around like a propeller.


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