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Students learn to design and create pieces of veneer for decorative or finishing purposes.They also learn how to cut and lay different types of wood and use adhesives to secure their designs.Turn right from Turner St and head down Pitt St two block, untimed parking is on your right.

Students in these courses learn how to bend wood without causing breakage or other structural damage.

Different methods of wood bending are usually covered, including vacuum, steam and cold lamination bending.

These courses usually cover skills like veneering, carving and furniture design and construction.

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Associate degrees and certificates in woodworking or related topics like cabinet and furniture construction are also available through community and vocational colleges.

Some schools offer fine woodworking as a concentration for a Bachelor of Fine Arts or a Master of Fine Arts degree.If you do find the door locked, please do not hesitate to press the doorbell on the left-hand side of the garage door.Please note, the doors for the venue will be open from pm.Students also have the opportunity to make a piece of furniture or other project using bent wood and other woodworking techniques, and as such, these courses may not be open to beginners.In this course, students learn how to use a lathe to carve designs into wood and gain practice in the spindle, bowl and split turning techniques.Transportation and Parking Public transport would be the easiest way to get to the workshop space.The space is located very close to Redfern Train Station, a local transport hub. This Woodwork course provides the foundations for woodwork projects with a Re-DIY focus – the reuse of timber to create a functional toolbox.You will learn how to work with hand and power tools, selecting timbers, measuring and planning for projects and different finishing techniques for timber.Our Woodwork and Metalwork courses will teach you how to identify and handle different types of wood and metal.Students will learn a range of techniques using hand tools including making simple joints and applying finishes.


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